How to Register and Login for a Golfnet Account


1. Click 'Login' on the top right hand corner.




3. 'Golfnet Registration'

'Please enter your Membership Number' - this is your 8 digit Golfnet number on your membership card.

'Please enter your PIN' - this is your 4 digit PIN number on the back of your Golfnet membership card.

'Please enter your Email' - this should be your personal email address (If you are registering as a player) or the email address you have for the male or female club official (If you are registering as a golf club).

'Please confirm your Email' - please re-type the email address you have entered above.




It may take a few minutes to receieve a verification email (please check all email folders, including Junk).


Once you receive the verification email, the below message will appear:


'Dear Golfnet User,


Thank you for registering your Golfnet account. To activate your account please click on the link below.


(Link will appear here)


By clicking on the link you agree to the Terms and Conditions as laid out below. These terms and conditions are available on the Golfnet website at all times and users will be notified if they change.


Kind regards


Golfnet Team'


Follow this link and you will be re-directed back to


5. 'Golfnet Registration Confirmation'

'Please enter your Password' - create a unique password, it must be at least 6 characters long, with at least one number, one lower case character and one upper case character.

'Please re-enter your Password' - please re-type the password you have created above.



You have now have created your account and you will be re-directed to the page where you 'Login'.


7. 'Login'

Enter your 8 digit golfnet number and the password you created earlier.


You should now be logged in. Click 'MY DASHBOARD' and 'Edit My Preferences' to customise your experience.