Weekdays:                                     18 Holes  €25 / 9 Holes €15

Weekends & Bank Holidays:   18 Holes  €30 / 9 Holes €20

€5 discount for Societies with more than 12 players.

Buggy Hire:  €25

Soft Spikes Preferred

Course Status

Club Rules

Carrick-on-Suir Golf Club Dress Code:

As published on the club notice board

General Competition Rules:

Check in on time (15 minutes before tee-off)

  1. The GUI swipe card is mandatory for entry to qualifying competitions (men all singles competitions)

  2. Scores must be entered via the computer before the scorecard is returned to the score card box, duly completed and signed. Failure to comply will lead to disqualification from competition

  3. When a player cannot take his/her place on timesheet they have a duty to advise the playing partners as soon as possible and have it removed from the online time sheet

  4. A person who is not on the time sheet, see note below referring to time sheet

  5. Signing of score cards is not permitted in the bar area

  6. An officer or in his/her absence a committee member is empowered to use his/her discretion in dealing temporarily with any exceptional emergency which may arise, action taken to be referred to the Committee at its next meeting.

Online Time Sheet:

If you intend to play golf on a specific day and time, in particular competition days, will you please use the online timesheet and eliminate the possibility of you being on the tee at the same time as  visitors or members who had the courtesy to do the right thing by reserving a time. This will avoid any animosity that may arise in such situations. Names on the time sheet have priority over those that are not. If you are not on the time sheet, do not tee off within 8 minutes prior to a reserved time on the sheet.

Student & Junior Membership Rules:

As published on the club juniors notice board, a copy of which can be obtained from the office

Playing Privileges:

Tuesday: competition entrants have exclusive rights between 14:00 – 20:00

Wednesday: Priorities to ladies at their preferred draw times all play must start from 1st Tee

Friday: Mixed Competitions have exclusive rights between 17:00 & 20:00

Honour the Captains: The Captains of the club have honour on the first tee at all times. Please call him/her through during play.

Local Rules:

Make sure you are familiar with all local rules. Check 18 hole Score Card and club Notice Board

Casual Golf:

Casual golf must be played from white tees only and must not be played from the 10th Tee unless the 9th hole is clear from Tee to Green and likewise on the 5th Tee,

Slow Play:

In the interest of all, players should play without delay. The committee are now empowered to implement penalties for slow play in accordance to rule 6 -7. The rule states “the committee may, in the condition of a competition, lay down pace of play and in such a condition modify the penalty for a first offence, in stroke play to one stroke” ReadyGolf states, when you are ready, play unless you give an advantage to a competitor

Membership Stickers:

Members are asked to display their membership stickers on their bags at all times while on the course. Members without stickers may be asked to report to the clubhouse to produce proof of membership.


Personal property including golf clubs or accessories is NOT covered by the club’s insurance. Members are advised to affect their own personal liability/personal insurance “see below” or back of hand-out booklet

Practice/Putting Green:

 All members are advised that practice from the fairways and practice pitching to the greens / putting green is forbidding at all times

Golf Etiquette:

Players should at all times show consideration to others using the course. While the following points are not rules as such they are an important part of the game.

  1. Announce which ball you are playing prior to teeing off

  2. Do not damage the teeing area with practice swings

  3. Don’t stand close to a player making a stroke.

  4. Do not drive while players are chipping or putting on the adjacent hole.

  5. Don’t play until the group in front is out of the way. Players searching for a ball should allow other players coming up to pass them. Always play without delay. Leave the putting green as soon as all players in the group have holed out. Before putting out on the green leave you equipment adjacent to the flag location off the green.

  6. Invite faster groups to play through.

  7. Repair divots and smooth areas in bunkers disturbed by your swing and your footprints with the rakes provided. Also pitch marks (indentations in green made by a ball) should be repaired immediately. Don’t stand step on the line of another player’s put.

  8. Don’t drop clubs on the putting green or lean on your putter. Don’t damage the hole by standing too close to it, trying to take a ball out of it using your putter or by carelessly removing the flagstick. The flagstick should be properly replaced in the hole before players leave the green.

  9. Rule No. 6-6 A+B the competitors shall check their score for each hole and relay it to the marker. At the end of the round make sure their handicap is on the card and that they and their marker sign the card and return it to committee as soon as possible. The penalty for breach of this rule is disqualification. Signing of the card in the bar is not permitted.

  10. In Stableford or Par competitions it is recommended that you pick up when either zero points or a loss has been recorded on a hole.

  11. Please do not leave litter lying around the course.

  12. Where applicable, obey the Course Ranger at all times


A) Your place on the course is directly behind those in front of you and not directly in front of those behind you

B) “Members are reminded that it is easier for you to replace the turf than for us to re-turf the place

C) Members are requested to play the course as it was designed in the spirit of the game

*Major Competitions Prize Winning Eligibility 2017: In order to qualify for one of the first 3 places of the Captains Prize, Presidents Prize or the Garravoone Cup, members of all status must have played, completed and returned their score via the computer in at least 5 club 18 hole competitions in the preceding 12 months. As always only full members can win the first prize. A full member is defined as fully paid-up home member, or in the case where extended payment terms were approved, the payments must be up to date.

Annual Review of Handicap: Clause 23

It is a mandatory requirement by the GUI/ILGU that club handicap committees carry out a review of member’s handicap in accordance with Clause 23 and appendix M of their guide. To be included in the statistics required to produce such a review, members must enter into the computer all scores returned in 18 hole competitions both qualifying and non-qualifying and in addition report to the home club all non-qualifying scores returned at away venues. This review is used for a general play adjustment of both an increase or decrease of player’s handicap.

Monthly Fixtures & Sponsors are listed on the Fixtures Page:

A monthly list, in advance of the relevant month, can be e-mailed to members who have provided the club administration with their current e-mail address. A copy will also be published, on the club notice board and posted on the club website, commencing March through to October