Monday May 31- Sunday June 6: 9 Hole Stableford White Tees

Tuesday June 1: Tuesday 9 Hole Stableford Blue Tees

Wednesday June 2: Ladies 18 Hole and 9 Hole Stableford

Thursday June 3 – Saturday June 5: Open 18 Hole Stableford White Tees

Saturday June 5 & Sunday June 6: 18 Hole Stableford Blue Tees


Completed scorecards must be returned by placing them in the score-box as well as returning your score via the HDID App.

Junior Golf

A number of free golf lessons have  been arranged for all Junior Members, commencing on Monday June 14th at 10.30 am. Junior members interested in attending the lessons can give their name to Noel or Eamonn at the Clubhouse. Junior competitions will be arranged later in June.


With many businesses having been closed for prolonged periods over the past year they are not likely to appreciate being approached to sponsor a golf competition. Likewise, many members suffered financial setbacks due to the lock-downs and it would be unfair to ask small groups to sponsor weekend competitions. It is proposed to establish a members sponsorship fund to which all members of the men’s club are invited to contribute a minimum of €20. The fund will be used to sponsor the weekend competitions and the Tuesday 9 hole. All members who contribute €20  will have their  names added to a sponsors page on the club website and a list of sponsors displayed in the clubhouse.

Businesses not affected by the lock-down are being approached with a view to acquiring sponsorship and it is expected that all monthly medal competitions, at least, will be sponsored in this way.

To facilitate the organisation of competitions it would be appreciated if members would contribute to the fund, or indicate their willingness to contribute, as soon as possible.


18 Hole Stableford Blue Tees

1.          Robert Kennedy (16) 41pts

2.         Robbie Power (16) 40pts

Gross Michael Greene (-1) 36pts

4.          David C Power (21) 38pts

Open 18 Hole Stableford White Tees

1.           Michael Aulsberry (15) 39pts c/b

9 Hole Stableford White Tees

1.          Louis Dowley (10)22pts

2.         Tom Murray (10) 21pts c/b

3.          Stephen Bourke (8) 21pts

Ladies 18 Hole Stableford 

1.              Ann Maxwell 33 pts

2.             Caroline Murphy 31 pts

Gross     Connie Walsh 15 gross pts

Ladies 9 Hole Stableford 

1.           Helen Power 15 pts c/b

2.          May Kennedy  15pts c/b

All singles competitions for men are now acceptable score competitions, unless otherwise indicated.

Rules of Handicapping

Rule 1


A player is expected to:

  • Act with integrity by following the Rules of Handicapping and to refrain
    from using, or circumventing, the Rules of Handicapping for the purpose
    of gaining an unfair advantage,
  • Attempt to make the best score possible at each hole,
  • Submit acceptable scores for handicap purposes as soon as possible after
    the round is completed and before midnight local time,
  • Submit acceptable scores to provide reasonable evidence of their
    demonstrated ability,
  • Play by the Rules of Golf, and
  • Certify the scores of fellow players.


  1. The actual gross scores for all the completed holes should be recorded.
    The software will calculate the adjusted score
  2. For holes not completed record a “no score” or 0
  3. For holes not started record a DNP i.e. Did not Play

Only one score per day may be returned for handicapping purposes unless the scores are returned on two different golf courses.

Acceptability of Scores

A score is acceptable for handicap purposes if the round has been played:

  • In an authorized format of play  over at least the minimum
    number of holes required for either a 9-hole or an 18-hole score to be
    acceptable ,
  • In the company of at least one other person, who may also act as a marker
    (subject to satisfying any other requirements of the Rules of Golf),
  • By the Rules of Golf ,
  • On a golf course with a current Course Rating and Slope Rating, where length
    and normal playing difficulty is maintained at a consistent level
  • On a golf course during its active season.

A player is required to pre-register their intent to submit an acceptable score in general play for handicap purposes. Such pre-registration must be made:

  • Before the player starts the round